“We’re Not as Good (Or Bad) as We Think We Are: Christian Miller.”

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“Cultivating the Virtue of Honesty.”

Experimental Honesty Podcast, August, 2022.
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“Christian Miller on Cultivating Character and Honesty.”

Michael W. Austin, July 2022.
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“I’m a Good Person, Right?”

Veritas Live Interview, June 2022.
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“I’m a Good Person....Right?”

Beyond the Forum. Veritas Forum Podcast, May 2022.
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"The Character Gap: Dr. Christian Miller"

Q Ideas Podcast, April 2022.
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"Is Human Nature Sinful"

Watchers Of The Skies Podcast, April 2022.
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"The Philosophy of Honesty (with Christian Miller)"

Free Thoughts Podcast, February 2022.
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Collaborative Inquiries Podcast, February 2022.
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"Situationism with Christian Miller."

The Free Will Show Podcast, November 2021.

"Christian Miller discusses Virtue and Character."

Elucidations Podcast, October 2021.
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"The Philosophy of Character with Christian Miller."

The Rewired Soul Podcast, September 2021.
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"Honesty and Character."

Sacred Science on Jewish Live. March 2021
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“Professor Christian Miller.”

Conversation on Character Podcast, February 2021
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“Why Honesty Matters.”

The Lisa Show. BYU Radio. February 2021
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“Christian Miller on Character.”

Stoa, November 2020.
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“How Important is Character? Dr. Christian Miller.”

Tactical Faith Podcast, November 2020.
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"What is Truth"

NPR's Public Morality, October 2020.
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“The Virtue Illusion: Are You as Good as You Think You Are?”

Micro-Digressions: A Philosophy Podcast, August 2020.
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“You are (Probably) not a Good Person.”

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“The Character Gap, with Christian Miller.”

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“Our Moral Character.”

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“Building Character with Christian Miller.”

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“The Character Gap. Are We as Good as We Think We Are?”

American Viewpoints, February 2020.
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"Interview with Dr. Christian B. Miller"

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“The Character Gap with Dr. Christian Miller.”

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